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TRAVEL // Brunching In Bath

Hey again, it feels like I haven't posted for ages!  So, on Tuesday me and Amber took a little field trip away from my tiny village and went to Bath for a bit of shopping, some food and of course to snap away to get some pics for this post. This is going to be a very photo-heavy post (I'm not sure if that is good or bad... I like it!) Anyway, Bath is a beautiful city, one which makes you instantly feel safe and happy, with lots of cute corner patisseries and coffee shops with the perfect latte. Me and Amber really wanted to go in one of the coffee shops to try it out, and we loved it so much that it's going to be our new 'thing' (try out every coffee shop in Bath to find the absolute best.) Unfortunately, I think we may have been into the best there is first... it was a rustic/urban corner cafe, and yes, I have found my perfect latte there!  ^^What a ramble!!! Let's get on and show you why I love it so much...:

So, as I have said, I LOVE BATH!

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